7 Days of Less


It’s All About Less

In a world that encourages more of everything, perhaps what we really need is less. Less busyness, less commitments, less stuff, less to do lists and less distractions. 7 Days of Less is a fun and inspiring experience that opens a door to a kinder way to live.

Daily micro experiences/challenges are delivered direct to your inbox. These bite-sized emails offer easy to digest teachings, practices and inspiration to create kinder shifts in your life – from reducing inbox overwhelm to creating a pause between tasks. Join in and discover how committing to small, manageable practices can help you shift stuckness and move more kindly through life.

What to Expect

Inspiring, easeful changes. 
  • 7 fun and engaging micro tasks to reduce overwhelm and create inner space
  • Quick, easy to digest content delivered direct to your inbox
  • Explore overwhelm from a holistic – whole self – perspective
  • Reduce the clutter physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically
  • Crafted for sensitive women to create micro change without the overwhelm

Self-Paced & Bite Sized

Straight to your inbox.

"I'm now listening to myself in the moment more and taking time for self-care which is very important to me. I received so many tools from Liz, this is truly priceless!!"


"Liz provides a calm, nurturing space and practices to shift your energy when you are overwhelmed and worn out; I often realise days later how different my entire mindset is."


"Finding this helped me back on the path of living how I truly wanted to. Everything I read rang true for me, made my heart sing and inspired me."


"Somewhere after reading some of your posts, I found a bit of me and some motivation. I made some decisions for me. I feel free and excited about what I can do. This is the first time in a long time."


"Simply wanted to thank you for your uplifting words. Your words resonate with me and whilst dwelling on them, I feel a serenity and connection to my authentic self."

"Loved the program, many great ways to feel grounded that when practised are easily slipped into everyday life."



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