Transformation Session

Sano Method of peiec®

Open to Gentle Healing

Peiec healing sessions can support sensitive women who are seeking balanced wellbeing, improved health, clarity, restoration and a re-connection to Self. Through the application of the techniques and gentle bodywork, I have found peiec to be particularly supportive for women prone to overwhelm, nervous system deregulation, body pain and associated illness (women who over-give and find it hard to prioritise themselves). In session together we release all expectations and open to what is ready to shift in your life. Ultimately what transmutes is often unexpected and assists you to heal on a deeper level.

My experience with the Sano Method

Energy healing practices have weaved through my life and work since 2015. Despite a dedication to my practices, in 2022 I was burned out, out of balance and in need of a new way forward. That door opened in February 2023, when I re-discovered the profound teachings and healing methodology shared by Anandi Sano. I dived in, attending workshops, events and participating in a year long program to embody the teachings and methodology in my life.

Through dedication to the Sano Method of peiec® energy healing, alongside Anandi’s teachings on optimal well-being and consciousness, I continue to experience unparalleled shifts in physical health, nervous system regulation, emotional well-being, work productivity, harmonised relationships and a deepening stillness within. The Sano Method has revolutionised how I clear and restore energy within myself, family and clients. Today this is my preferred method to support clients who seek gentle healing and conscious growth without re-visiting past trauma. I welcome you to experience a transformational session with me as I work toward certification.

“The Sano Method of Peiec® addresses the core of our struggles, not only the symptoms but the underlying causes of illness, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, PTSD, and unrest within our nervous system. Peiec uncovers and works with what are known as “life moments.” These are energetic components, memories, or incidents that reside within the different energetic layers surrounding us. When in harmony, these layers are a serene ocean; when disturbed by life’s challenges, they churn like stormy waves, causing unrest in our body and mind. But what if these life moments could be calmed, dissolved, and released energetically? Peiec does precisely that. Through the profound understanding and application of energetic principles, peiec enables the individual to breathe, smile, and interact with life anew. Beyond a mere therapeutic technique, peiec addresses the foundational aspects of your being.”

“You’ve enabled the changes in my life that I’ve been yearning for. I can now find peace with my past and be the mum I want to be. This is an incredible journey. Thank you.” ~ Sarah

“Wow that was possibly the deepest healing session I’ve ever experienced! I was completely out of it for hours after the session. I stayed very quiet and let it flow through. That evening I had the best sleep I’ve had all year. More than anything, I’ve noticed a mental peace. What is usually constant rumination loop and active mind has quietened right down.” 

“I just want to thank Liz with all my heart for such a wonderful experience it was truly amazing and life changing. I feel like a different person. I have been through a lot over the last 10 years but you have given me a new lease on life.” ~ Vanda 

“Thank you so much! That was honestly an experience that will stay with me for life. I already feel more like myself and can’t believe all the things that surfaced. I am so so happy I found you.” ~ Rose
“I felt an immediate difference and feel quite empowered by it all! Thank you again for such an amazing session. I’m so glad I crossed paths with you.” ~ Simone

“I am so grateful to have experienced a healing session with Liz. I really did not know what to expect. From the start Liz made me feel so comfortable, and wow, what a beautiful shining light she is. I felt completely held and safe throughout the entire session. Liz was able to draw out blockages and introduce me to myself in a beautiful new way. What you learn about yourself and the feeling of support continues on. In fact I know I will never forget this incredible session with Liz. I would recommend to anyone feeling a tug to deeper within.” ~ Ash

What to Expect

It’s not unusual to notice a shift from the moment you book your session. When we meet I will take time to explain how a session unfolds and invite you to share whatever is on your heart. As energy rises to be released, you will be invited to remain seated or move to the treatment table. Energy healing can create profound shifts in your reality through balancing and releasing energy that is impacting your capacity to move with greater peace, presence and purpose in daily life. Sessions are gentle, guiding you deeply into the present moment to experience the stillness that is your natural state of being.

You may feel body sensations, tingling, heat, coolness and a sense of deep relaxation, or you may feeling nothing at all. Energy healing can create shifts at the root of dis-ease and discomfort. Assisting you to move beyond experiences of disconnection, overwhelm, low self-worth, stuckness, anxiety and depression, migraines, body pain and so much more. After your session give yourself time in quietness to integrate the healing. Energy may continue to flow for several days as you process the session. It is essential to be gentle with yourself during this time.

Experience a Session

In-person or Online

*Reduced rates available when participating in client feedback for certification purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an energy healing session suited too?

Energy healing is suitable for all people as it addresses the interconnection between mind, body, Self and Soul. It is especially ideal for those who desire a gentle way to heal without the need to re-visit past trauma. Liz works with women who may be moving through a challenging life transition and require support to return to balance, clarity and a deeper connection with themselves. Sessions support nervous system regulation, emotional balance (anxiety/depression), pain issues, illness and all facets of well-being. Sessions also support women who desire to move beyond patterns of overwhelm, self-doubt, procrastination, fear and insecurity and need a safe space to stretch into new potentials in their life.

Do I need to be energy sensitive to receive the benefits?

Whilst some people more easily attune to the energy shifts taking place during or after a session, this does not limit nor determine the healing received. All that is required is an openness to receive and all will be given as needed.

Is it possible to hold sessions in person?

Peiec sessions are available in person and online via Zoom. In-person bookings are currently available in Ardross.

Can I enquire about discounted sessions?

Absolutely! I am currently working on my practitioner portfolio and I am offering a limited number of discounted sessions (30% off). Brief feedback and written testimonials are appreciated. Please enquire here if you’d like to book.

Are you a qualified peiec practitioner?

I have been studying and applying Peiec healing techniques for 15 months and am working toward practitioner certification in 2024! I have a dedicated self-practice, attend weekly practice sessions and have assisted hundreds of clients over the years in a coaching, mentoring and energy healing capacity. You are in safe hands with me.