Cocoon Room

Sanctuary for Sensitive Women

Space to slow down, cocoon, become curious and well-resourced.

If you’re a sensitive woman you’re probably no stranger to overwhelm. Days or weeks when there’s a little too much of everything and a feeling that you are not enough. Yet what if overwhelm was simply an invitation to slow down and explore a different way to move through life? Cocoon Room invites you to retreat from the noise of the outside world, and discover the quieter world within, in our online sanctuary or with an in-person session.

Dip Your Toe In

A Practice of Letting Go

7 Days of Less

Dive A Little Deeper

Created with sensitive women in mind who may be prone to overwhelm, anxiety, pushing through, disconnection or ongoing illness, Cocoon Room supports you to grow a kinder relationship with yourself as you navigate change. Cocoon Room offers in-person and online transformational sessions that support you to navigate challenges in daily life. You don’t need to journey alone.

Sano Method of peiec®

1:1 Healing


"Liz has created a beautiful space that feels like you are walking into a warm hug. She holds you in love, with no judgment, only honouring your healing journey, whatever that looks like for you."

Lisa Gardner

"Liz has a beautiful gift of bringing her clients into their own light and empowering them to see their true selves. She listens deeply to her client and is able to accurately sense what they might need. She holds a space that is nurturing and loving and walks with you through your process, whatever it is."

Ash Clements

"Liz provides a calm, nurturing space and practices to shift your energy when you are overwhelmed and worn out; I often realise days later how different my entire mindset is."

Danielle Walker

"Liz is a very heart centred soul who practices what she preaches. I am learning more and more to come back to my truth and find peace in nature and simple things."

Julie Burger

"What I have finished with is a beautiful, deeper understanding of how to connect with myself and my emotions, in the moment, day-day. Connecting with other women and sharing the experience added another layer of acceptance, compassion and greater understanding."

Shonali Sullivan