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Cocoon Room loves to collaborate with kindred women who specialise in the well-being, holistic and creative fields. We collaborate with and celebrate the creative works of artists, movement specialists, writers, nutritionalists and more.

We offer a collaborative opportunity to inspire our members and showcase tools, practices, personal stories and creative works in our 5 Day Micro Challenges. We provide the platform and the community, you provide the inspiring and informative content* and share the micro challenge with your community too.

*Content guidelines apply

About 5 Day Micro Challenges

Micro Challenges are a playful way to explore and create positive change without the overwhelm. Created with the sensitive woman in mind, micro challenges focus on embracing a slower pace, living with less, nourishing nutrition, nurturing movement, and creative expression. Daily challenges offer bite-size content with actionable activity. We aim to collaborate with kindred women in holistic and creative fields who generously share their knowledge and inspiration with the community.

Collaboration is a wonderful way to share yourself and your gifts with a new community. Anyone can join a micro challenge – including your clients, friends or community too. If the opportunity intrigues you, or you have a different collaboration in mind get in touch today.


Stay connected and hear about new micro challenges, resources and our kind community.