Create a life in harmony with who you are.

It is possible to create a life that nourishes your sensitivity and creative expression whilst meeting your needs. I believe sensitive women can thrive in communities that encourage cocooning when you need to, and emerging when you are ready to shine. The truth is we were never meant to journey alone. Cocoon Room offers a kinder way to move through life – together in community – with a growing library of resources that you can dip into at your own pace. Here for the journey not the quick fix, inspiring you to be all you came here to be.

It begins with exploring your needs…

Needing to reduce overwhelm?

Explore 11 Days of Less

Needing connection with kindreds?

Explore our Free Cocoon Room Community

Needing self-paced direction?

Explore a Resource Hub membership.

Needing individual support?

Explore a mentoring package or single session.

Why Join Us

Cocooning together is kinder than cocooning alone.
Balanced well-being is an ongoing practice in which we cycle through seasons of letting go, cocooning, restoring and re-emergence. Cocoon Room was created for women who want to better recognise where they are in these cycles, cultivate inner resources and increase their capacity to move through life with greater ease, beauty and meaning.
Experience a community that lifts you up.

Community values are grounded in kindness toward self and others. Our online space is not on social media (hooray!), it’s a private platform that encourages genuine connection and sharing between its members. Engage on your own terms, at your own pace and discover how nurturing it can be to connect with kindred folk.

How Does It Work?

Via an online learning and community platform.

The resource hub, 11 Days of Less challenge and community are all hosted on the one platform making it easy to access and engage. You can purchase a Resource Hub membership to begin dipping into the self-paced resources or begin with a free community membership. In the online community Liz shares regular check in videos and member’s can connect, inspire, share wins, a-ha’s and photos along the way.

What do you need?

You can access the Cocoon Room via your computer, laptop or mobile device. You are free to move through the resources and engage with the community at your own pace.


Occasional news about upcoming micro community challenges and offers.