Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Sanctuary suited to?

Women who like to move at their own pace, explore self-discovery, self-connection, practices for inner nourishment and balanced wellbeing. You may consider yourself sensitive, a deep feeler, awakening, neurodivergent, a creative, an artist, writer, a soloprenuer, multi-passionate or even a seeker. You may also feel a little overwhelmed, busy, stuck, confused about your path, curious or maybe you feel the call to stretch and grow.

What content can I expect inside the sanctuary?

Upon entering we hope that you experience a sense of calm, spaciousness and support. You’ll find a resource hub accessible via a private online platform. Within the hub are mini courses, teaching videos, guided meditations, journal prompts, inspirational writing and content on themes of self-discovery, connection, self-care, nourishment and self-expression. Videos are bite-sized (3 – 5 mins) to encourage you to pop in frequently and explore something new. Self-reflective play sheets are downloadable for your convenience.

What happens inside the community?

Cocoon Room community is a free space for kindred, sensitive women. You can use the community space to ask Liz questions about the resources or to share your insights, stories and experiences. Participation in the community is optional and serves as an additional resource as you make your way through the hub content. Liz is present inside the community to address questions or concerns that arise related to the resources. 

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available as your purchase gives you immediate access to the resource hub contents and community. Please consider the suitability of the content before finalising your purchase.

I'm having an issue logging into the Resource Hub.

At the time that you finalise your purchase a login email will be sent – please check your spam or junk folder. Once received, keep the email with your log in details in a safe place and bookmark the Cocoon Room log in page in your browser. You can also contact us if you require additional assistance.