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Beyond The Cocoon

Cocooning is an important season within the inner cycles of personal growth, yet it’s not the only season. At some point during your cocoon phase you’ll sense an inner stirring to emerge from the inner world and re-engage with life.

Joining a mentor group can help you stay balanced, connected and accountable, especially during times when you’d rather hide or go it alone. Group mentoring serves as an anchor point to continue showing up as you stretch toward the change you wish to create in your life.

What To Expect

Monthly Live Group Mentoring Calls

Available to Cocoon Room members. Liz’s innate ability to hear and see beyond what is being said, coupled wth her compassionate and gentle delivery can facilitate perception shifts, energy shifts and so much more in these not to be missed classes.

  • Calls offer space to explore where you are, who you are and what you need
  • Guided activities to ignite deeper self-reflection and self-connection
  • Exploration of the resource hub content
  • Bring your questions for group Q & A
  • Live calls are recorded for those unable to attend live

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is group mentoring suited too?

Group mentoring is for women who desire to move beyond patterns of overwhelm, self-doubt, procrastination, fear and insecurity and need a safe space to grow and stretch into new potentials in their life. Monthly calls offer guidance, connection and accountability whilst members work through the Resource Hub contents at their own pace. Liz’s approach is holistic and addresses the interconnection between mind, body, Self and Soul. 

What can I expect on a live mentoring call?

Unfiltered access to Liz and her intuitive mentoring and coaching skills, guided practices and Q&A around all your burning questions. Liz brings a depth of presence and compassion that encourages meaningful conversations on themes of self-discovery, self-connection, nourishment, growth and creative self-expression. Group mentoring can facilitate greater shifts than going it alone.

What time are mentoring calls held?

Monthly mentoring calls are scheduled for 10.30am AWST on the first Tuesday of each month. There is no live call scheduled in the months of July & December – schedule yourself rest and nourishment.

Do I need to attend mentoring calls live?

Live mentoring calls are richer when attendance is high, however we understand that timezone differences and life commitments can make that challenging. If you are unable to attend live you can still submit your questions to be answered on the call. Every call is recorded and made available for viewing inside the Cocoon Room within 48 hours.

How do I submit a question for the mentoring call?

Questions can be submitted prior to the scheduled call via the Cocoon Room contact page – please include your full name when submitting a question. There is also an opportunity to ask questions live on the call.

I'm an introvert do I need to show my face on live calls?

Group mentoring is a stretch that requires a level of vulnerability from its members. To get the most out of the experience we encourage you to have your video on during live calls with Liz. It is also possible to use the chat box to ask questions.

How many people will be in the group?

This is a new offering and we are just getting started. However our intention is to limit numbers to a small group to create a sense of safety and ensure dedicated time and attention is available to its members.


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