Deep within the corners of your heart, I hear what you say to yourself. The way you feel about yourself. The things that you wish were different about yourself. I hear the harshness with which you speak to self. I know the words for I have spoken them too.

There lies an overwhelming feeling that no matter what you do in life, it may never lift the oppressive sense of not enoughness. A belief that suffocates you with its weight. No thought nor action strong enough to entirely erase it from your being.

Yet within you also lies a refugee. A place where you can rest deeply into who you are. Where you are no longer fearful of making a mistake, saying the wrong thing or making a bad choice because you know that every part of you is perfect. You were made to be exactly who you are.

To sense this truth within oneself is a journey. It will be remembered and forgotten countless times over. To help you during those times of forgetting, a place has been created for you. It is a sanctuary and gentle playground for sensitives, creatives, seekers, deep feelers and awakening women who want to reconnect and create a life in harmony with who they are.


Sanctuary, Community & Creative Playground

Give yourself space to unravel – to meet all parts of you. Become curious about the truths held within your heart – the dreams and desires to live life differently. Experience a journey of self-discovery – one in which you matter beyond all knowing. Let each new discovery bring you toward the next. Explore the ease, beauty and meaning that is the path of reconnecting with who you are.

Do not come here to hide your beauty from the world. Visit as a means to cocoon and tend to yourself as you discover kinder ways to be. Slow. Sacred. Connected. Relax in the company of kindred folks, many who have known the ache of not belonging. 

It is my hope for you to unwind your weary heart. Untangle from energy that doesn’t serve you. Gather resources to steady yourself. Explore a new understanding of Self as the aliveness and beauty contained within every moment.

Together we celebrate sensitivity – your capacity to feel the subtle nature of everyone and all things. In time you can come to nurture your needs and gently stretch your capacity. And when the moment is right you’ll re-emerge grounded in the knowing that you matter, and life will become your art.


Humanity Needs Your Kindness

We need your deeply feeling, creative, seeking, sensitive, multi-passionate ways to awaken this world from its slumber. Kindness can change the very nature of existence. Kindness makes space for grace to weave its way in and soften what feels hard. Kindness opens doors to move through life in completely new ways.

Hopeful. Filled with the light of ones potential. Navigating with courage. Embracing change. Stretching toward new terrain.

It is the sensitive, creatives and deep feelers of this world that are envisioning a new one. Taking bold steps to actualise the dreams woven into their hearts long before they took their first breath.

If you see a kindred sensitive or a women with a blazing passion to create on this Earth – give her your deepest bow – she is unraveling and learning to navigate an inner world that would curl the toes of many. 

Each moment of every day she goes where so many fear to tread. She journey’s deep into the abyss of her inner emotions, sifting through the debris to align with what is hers to fully feel, heal and create in this lifetime.


She Is Fearless Although She Fears Much

Her Soul was born into human form to touch this world with a beauty that can not be manufactured. It must be birthed through a compassionate and tender heart. It matters to her not the form her love for the world takes. She knows only to keep creating, to keep envisioning a world that feels with as much tenderness as she does. Creating beauty is her medicine and her gift to the world. Its value is priceless.

I see your sensitive heart. I sense your depth without you speaking a word. I know that within you are the gifts and medicine this world needs.

There is a place for you and the beauty that is yours to create and share. You don’t need to journey alone.

In kindness always,

Liz (Cocoon Room Founder)