“ Change can be slow, kind and gentle.”

When you are being called to make a change in an area of your life, you may find yourself getting swept up in an energy of all or nothing, hard and fast and all consuming.

Sure, it feels good initially as you hype yourself into a state to embrace the change you want to make, and…

…shortly thereafter you may find energy wanes, dysregulation sets in and your desire for change crumbles in a heap on the floor.

What if change could be slow, kind and gentle?

From my experience it can.

You can make the changes that support your growth, whilst maintaining a connection to Self, nurturing your nervous system and expressing your needs.

Slow, sustainable growth is vital for sensitive systems.

Change doesn’t come purely from the mind, it comes from a being who is well-resourced, connected to Self and connected to all of Life.

If you’re feeling the call to change we know just the place. A safe sanctuary to gather your resources, move at your own pace, connect with kindreds to support you and reconnect to the heart of who you are.

Cocoon Room Resource Hub is opening in March 2024.

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