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Resource Hub, 11 Days of Less & Community

Gather Your Resources

For those times when you need to cocoon, the resource hub is a self-paced experience that assists you to connect with yourself, your needs and desires. It contains a growing library of bite-sized courses, video classes, self-reflection activities, guided meditations and inspired writings to dip into on themes of self-discovery, self-connection, self-awareness, self-nurturing, self-acceptance and creative self-expression. You’ll learn to recognise where you are in the inner seasons of your life, and what you need to experience greater ease, beauty and meaning.

Kind Community

Surround yourself with kindreds who want to see you thrive. Inside the online community Liz shares regular videos and posts that encourage you to create space for self-connection and self-nourishment. We understand that engaging in community can be a stretch, especially for sensitive women. Sharing in the community is completely optional. As you gather resources to support yourself, we hope you’ll find the community a safe space to share your experiences and support other women who really aren’t that different to you.


"Liz has created a beautiful space that feels like you are walking into a warm hug. She holds you in love, with no judgment, only honouring your healing journey, whatever that looks like for you."

Lisa Gardner

"I'm now listening to myself in the moment more and taking time for self-care which is very important to me. I received so many tools from Liz, this is truly priceless!!"


"Liz provides a calm, nurturing space and practices to shift your energy when you are overwhelmed and worn out; I often realise days later how different my entire mindset is."

Danielle Walker

"My relationships with my kids and husband have improved considerably. I have more of an understanding about myself through core values and desires. Liz has an innate ability to be completely present during our conversations and with the aid of some great tools, I have found myself answering my own questions. "


"Liz is a very heart centred soul who practices what she preaches. I am learning more and more to come back to my truth and find peace in nature and simple things."

Julie Burger


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