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All The Selfies in Life

If you’re a sensitive, deep feeler, creative, seeker or awakening woman, the Cocoon Room has been created for you. The Resource Hub contains a collection of mini courses, micro challenges, videos, guided meditations, journal prompts and play sheets that you can move through at your own pace.

Created as a guided experience into all the selfies – from self-discovery to self-connection, self-awareness, self-nurture, self-acceptance and creative self-expression. It’s a space that you can dip into and remember who you are, be okay with where you are and explore who you’re becoming.


Read . Watch . Listen . Journal
  • Discover your core values, strengths, skills and gifts
  • Your heart’s dreams, desires and the vision you hold for your life
  • The inner seasons of letting go, cocooning, restoration and re-emergence
  • Practices to bring ease and inspiration to your cocoon time
  • Meditations for self-connection, inner stillness and healing
  • Micro challenges + kind company in our online community
  • 35+ video & audio content plus 25+ downloaded play sheets
  • Plus new classes and guided experiences added as inspiration arises

What’s Inside The Hub & Community?

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Limited Offer $33 p/mth*

*Payment recurring every 3 months with option to opt out after 3 month membership. Opt out guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Cocoon Room suited to?

Women who like to move at their own pace, explore self-discovery, self-connection, practices for balanced wellbeing or who want to experience the support of kindred community. You may consider yourself sensitive, a deep feeler, awakening, neurodivergent, a creative, an artist, writer, a soloprenuer, multi-passionate or even a seeker. You may also feel a little overwhelmed, busy, stuck, confused about your path, curious or maybe you feel the call to stretch and grow.

What does Founding Member mean?

A Founding Member is a person who joins the Cocoon Room at the beginning stages of the communities development. Founding members are invaluable as their needs, feedback and experiences inform us of the kind of content and community that sensitives, creatives, mothers, deep feelers and awakening women truly need. We are offering a limited number of founding memberships at a reduced investment: $33 p/mth for Cocoon Room members.

What content can I expect inside the hub?

Currently you’ll find mini courses, teaching videos, guided meditations, journal prompts, inspirational writing and content on themes of self-discovery, connection, self-care, nourishment and self-expression. Liz shares regular videos and discussion prompts inside the community, and new content to the hub as community needs arise. We also aspire to collaborate with holistic practitioners to bring you micro challenges every quarter. Because the hub and community is new, we’re counting on your feedback to help us tailor the experience for you.

What happens inside the community?

Our community is contained within our private platform. It operates similar to a Facebook group yet without the overwhelm, ads and spam. Inside the community Liz checks in with regular videos and encourages members to share insights, stories and experiences as they move through the content, community challenges and daily life. You can create a written post, video or share photos (we LOVE photos!). Members can like and comment on your posts. Liz and the team will be inside the community sharing encouragement, tips and inspiration along the way.

Do I need to participate in the community?

We encourage you to move through the resource hub and community at your own pace. It can take time to settle in, familiarise yourself with the hub and content. Once you feel settled it’s up to you as to whether you engage in the community – we sure hope you do!

How do I cancel my membership subscription?

Following a minimum 3 month membership you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply inform us in writing at least 7 days prior to your next billing cycle. Please note that by cancelling your membership you will lose access to the resource hub and community at the end of your membership cycle.

Can I get a refund on my membership?

Refunds are not available as your subscription gives you full access to the resource hub contents and community. Following a minimum 3 month membership you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply inform us in writing at least 7 days prior to your next billing cycle. If you are unsure of your next billing cycle reach out to us

How are membership payments processed?

When you purchase a membership you will be directly to create a log in account and make your first payment via the Thinkific secure shopping cart. An initial 3 month membership payment of $99 will be charged, with recurring payments automatically deducted every three months for the life of your membership.

I'm having an issue logging into the Cocoon Room

At the time that you purchase your membership, a login email will be sent – please check your spam or junk folder. Once received, keep the email with your log in details in a safe place and bookmark the Cocoon Room log in page in your browser. You can also contact us if you require additional assistance.


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