Cocoon Room

A kinder way to move through life

Space to slow down, cocoon, become curious and well resourced.

If you’re a sensitive woman you’re probably no stranger to overwhelm. Days or weeks when there’s a little too much of everything and a feeling that you are not enough. Yet what if overwhelm was simply an invitation to slow down and explore a different way to move through life?

Cocoon Room encourages you to grow a kinder relationship with yourself as you navigate change. We are an online space that offers respite from the noise of the outer world into the quieter world within, alongside a community of kindred folks who seek a kinder way to stretch and grow.

Are you ready to discover a kinder way?

Start 2024 with less.

11 Days Of Less is a free, fun and inspiring micro challenge that opens a door to a kinder way to live. We begin January 2nd.

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What can you expect inside?

Membership gives you access to a growing resource hub and online community. Resources include self-paced courses, classes, videos, guided meditations and inspired writings on themes of self-discovery, self-connection, self-awareness, self-nurture, self-acceptance and creative self-expression. Inside the private community Liz shares heart wisdom via weekly videos, posts and prompts. We also collaborate with holistic practitioners to facilitate fun and engaging micro community challenges that reflect the natural seasons of letting go, cocooning, restoring and re-emergence that unfolds within us all.

Feeling overwhelmed or seeking a kinder way? Join us for the 11 Days of Less community challenge.

Meet the Founder

Liz founded the Cocoon Room after many years as a coach, mentor, group facilitator and healing practitioner inspired the creation of an online sanctuary and community to ease the journey for kindred women. Liz recognised sensitive systems require a different approach to life – self-paced, slow and kind – with room to cocoon when needed.

As an energetically sensitive woman parenting neurodivergent children, Liz’s daily life became a training ground for cultivating balance and inner spaciousness. Today Liz practices balance as a mentor, creative and curator of experiences that encourage sensitive women to explore the relationship to their inner Self, and cultivate kinder ways to navigate life. Liz’s presence inside the Cocoon Room brings empathy, warmth and inspiration to the inner process of self-discovery, self-nurture and creative self-expression.


"Liz is simply divine, she is the sugar that helps the medicine of your life lessons go down. Her warmth and gentle guidance provides safe sanctuary for the truths of your Soul to be heard."


"Liz has created a beautiful space that feels like you are walking into a warm hug. She holds you in love, with no judgment, only honouring your healing journey, whatever that looks like for you."

Lisa Gardner

"It sounded and felt like your words were so meant for me right now in this moment, from your heart to mine. I felt every bit of it, with energy flowing freely through me with so much gratitude for life itself."


"I am so loving having my heart map to remind me each day of what matters most to me, and how to prioritise that. After many years of being unsure, I feel like I have finally identified the ways of describing my values and strengths and skills and know how to hold all of those together to help me when things go off course. I can’t thank you enough"


"Liz is a very heart centred soul who practices what she preaches. I am learning more and more to come back to my truth and find peace in nature and simple things."

Julie Burger


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